Sarah Levoy, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist CA# PSY17161 WA# PY00003451

Psychologist, Parent Coach, consultant

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The Silicon Valley is a micro culture that is often faced paced, high pressure, and an “always on” environment.  Keeping up with the demands of living in this area can cause excessive stress and create imbalance for professionals and their families.  If you have gotten to a place of seeking a more fulfilling and substantive life and/or being a more effective and connected parent, then I can help. 

I use current and evidenced based therapeutic strategies to guide you through the process of honestly assessing your values, prioritizing your actions based on those values, and creating a realistic plan to achieve what is truly most important to you and your family. You will identify your current obstacles or repetitive/ineffectual behavior patterns that get in your way and then learn more effective skills to reach your identified goals.  

You can make lasting and meaningful changes in your life and achieve your desired goals.  Whether it be creating more life balance and harmony for you and your family, reaching optimal health, being a more effective and connected spouse/parent, or all of the above.  The benefit of working with a psychologist is having a trained professional who is focused on your success.  Getting started is often the biggest hurdle.  The first step is just showing up.